About 51 Labs

What's 51 Labs?

With over 3 million organic views and counting on LinkedIn, 51 Labs is disrupting the M&A market through the use of videography and content creation. In a market that longs for authenticity, 51 Labs helps strengthen your brand and tell your story. From concept to distribution, we strategize and produce thoughtful content to be used across a multitude of channels, to help you stand out in an otherwise traditionally boring market.

51/49 – Always give more than you receive


Labs – Always Experimenting

Meet the Team

Jordan (1)

Jordan Selleck

  • 6 years in investment banking
  • 10 years in M&A community
  • 3x entrepreneur
  • Triathlete, BJJ purple belt, 4th-gen pilot,
  • SCUBA diver
Co-Founder, CEO


Jing Li-Selleck

  • Head of creative
  • Recovering corporate & securities lawyer
  • 12+ years in law & finance
  • Born & raised in china
  • Triathlete
Co-Founder, COO


Charlie Ray

  • Trained actor
  • Musician
  • Wine snob
  • Native texan
Sr. Account Executive


Nicole Pelliccio

  • Zoom wizard
  • Pre-K educator
  • Must love disney
Sr. Account Executive


Peyton Kennedy

  • Digital artist
  • Music technologist
  • Makes a mean apple pie
Creative Strategist

Peyton Website Photo
Juan Malcolm
Dylan Sharrock
Lily Sokolov1