AGM Do’s and Don’ts


AGM Do’s and Don’ts

We have learned a lot over the past 18 months working with the zoom environment.

Here are some key Do’s and Don’ts to make your next AGM a success.

1.) Always remember… DON”T MAKE IT BORING. Limited Partners have been on countless zoom calls with countless general partners. You have to make it both education and entertaining.

2.) Don’t have too many CEOs on the panel. 2-3 CEOs that are touching key points about you and the firm and how much value you add to them.

3.) When it comes to the discussion, we have found that it’s okay to have a free form discussion. Have some clear topics & bullet points for the CEOs that highlight the points you want to get across. Remember, if it feels scripted, its going to be boring. People can smell that from a mile away.

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